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Stained glass made with thick solid glass - Dalle De Verre

vetri colorati su sfondo un design

Novamosaici is also specialised in the processing of glass, for creating stained glass intended for private or public customers and religious organisations not only in Milan, but all over the world.

The name Dalle de Verre means a glass sheet or plate, of variable size and thickness, obtained by pouring molten glass in rectangular moulds and allowing it to cool slowly.

The same name, however, also means the technique to create decorative stained glass windows or Dalles glass windows, introduced by the French master glass maker Jean Gaudin, a technique that quickly established itself as an alternative to lead binding.

Dalles stained glass windows production

vetrate Dalles
fasi di lavorazione vetrata Dalles

A blow-up with the exact proportions of the true measures is obtained from the artist's sketch. The blow-up is traced on a work table so as to obtain a matrix (blow-up) and a copy (work table tracing). After choosing the colours, by marking the blow-up with reference numbers, the blow-up is cut obtaining masks which are positioned on the Dalles glass sheets and marked by means of a tool. After this, the Dalles are cut with circular saws with diamond cutting discs, following faithfully the incision of the matrix. Once completed cutting all tesserae, they are placed on the copy traced on the work table in order to reassemble a full-scale composition of the sketch. Depending on the needs and characteristics of the sketch, the composition glass is chiselled on the perimeters and some is peeled on the surface, obtaining different colour brightness nuances.

In the meantime, a frame is created with a steel rod by following the joints of the window and the whole structure is welded to a steel or stainless steel frame, so as to obtain the bearing structure of the glass window. After completing the previous stages, you proceed to pouring the concrete. The glass is subjected to vibrations to allow the concrete to fill each gap. Once cleaned on both sides, you obtain a stained glass window with higher resistance than lead glass or fusion glass windows, that does not require double glazing protection. With Dalles glass windows, light filters through the glass and the cement becomes an integral part of the glass, further enhancing the fullness and brightness of the Dalles. Thus you create walls of light that can be of any size. 

Novamosaici DOES NOT use RESINS that with time create incompatibility issues between the glass and the resin since resin, with time and in particular with the sun's heat, tends to soften, creating a detachment between resin and coloured glass; it USES SPECIAL CEMENTS tested by 60 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. Novamosaici has a stock of 480 COLOURS, a range so wide and unique because it supplies itself from all the best Dalles manufacturers in the world. This wide range allows us to cope with the requirements of each kind of colour.

Large stained glass walls

operaio durante lavorazione vetrata dalles

Novamosaici produces artistic glass in Dalles style, according to a personal technique, the result of over sixty years of research by the Toniutti brothers, to ensure the brilliance of the glass colour. The composition is always accurate and the particular composition methods provide results of great quality.

Novamosaici creates glass walls of any size, extremely bright and durable with great chromatic effect.

The Dalles windows are produced in collaboration with leading Italian and foreign contemporary artists and are made for sacred, public and residential buildings and street furniture.

In addition to the Dalles technique, Novamosaici produces artistic glass with the classic lead, Tiffany and fused glass bonding techniques.

Lead and sewille bonded stained glass

Vetrate a piombo

Since 1955, in addition to mosaics Novamosaici has been creating three types of stained glass windows.
In addition to traditional lead bonded windows, with 4 mm thick glass, it creates Dalles windows with 20 mm thick glass, bonded by reinforced concrete, which have outstanding resistance to breakage and are particularly suitable to decorate large empty spaces. In recent years, to meet the needs of the market and to reduce costs but not aesthetic result, Novamosaici has designed and brought to market a new type of stained glass window, the SEWILLE type, bonded with innovative products directly on a shatterproof glass sheet and inserted in double glazing to meet heat loss reduction requirements even with artistic glass.

vetrate sewille

The end result is much the same, as far as colour and graphics power is concerned, to the Dalles glass windows where the grouting, without thickness limitation anymore, becomes an integral element and enhances the power of colour that becomes composition, this new technique has been called SEWILLE.
While the creation of a traditional stained glass window with lead bonding, for certain phases, always follows the same procedure of Dalles glass windows. We start with the artist's sketch, prepare a life-size blow-up, choose the colours and cut the glass, then, inserting the glass, we carry out the lead bonding. Once all lead and glass has been bonded together, we proceed to grouting. The grout, fills the cracks between glass and lead, preventing the glass to move, giving rigidity and sturdiness and, at the same time, making the glass window waterproof.
With the new safety rules, lead bonded glass windows are placed in shatterproof double glazing in order to prevent accidental detachment and ensure thermal protection.

Vetrate grandi dimensioni
fumagalli vetrata

List of major artists with whom we have worked during our 60-year history:

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