Various restorations

Time, associated with the degradation or settling of building structures and atmospheric elements, are the ingredients leading to a slow and progressive deterioration of mosaics, especially if you do not perform regular maintenance of the surfaces.
Oddly enough, the detachment of a single tessera of the mosaic, if not re-positioned in the short term, will lead to a continuous degradation of the mosaic surface, especially on mosaics placed outdoors.
The weather and the freezing and thawing that affects cracks or gaps where the tessera is missing, are the main causes of this continuous degradation.
And it is for this reason that often Novamosaici is called to intervene, little maintenance.
Often, in a very superficial manner, cleaning, restoration or detachment intervention to mosaics are assigned to non-professionals resulting in damage to the mosaic surfaces.
Before starting a mosaic detachment operation, Novamosaici recovers all the tesserae of the cuts, in order to reuse them for the final restoration.
In the case of mosaics located indoors, often just simple cleaning and washing is sufficient.
Novamosaici uses only suitable and certified products that do not attack the mosaic tesserae and grouts.
These are aspects that very often are underestimated, but the use of unsuitable products is the reason why a mosaic loses gloss or gets further impregnated with dirt instead of getting clean.
For these reasons, the intervention of skilled personnel and professional products is always recommended.
In the most delicate cases, Novamosaici cleans the surface of the tesserae and the grouting by Laser.

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