Mosaic and stained glass restoration

Mosaic conservation maintenance

In the case in which a mosaic, mosaic work or stained glass needs to be subjected torestoration, please contact Novamosaici where you will find an experienced mosaic team, able to perform all kinds of state of the art interventions. The workshop serves private and public customers or religious organisations not only in Milan, but all over the world, and provides its extensive knowledge of the ancient techniques for working stone and glass to give new light and beauty to mosaic works ruined by time and neglect.

restauro di mosaico e vetro
restauro dei mosaici
restauro dei mosaici in una casa

Restoration of mosaics

operaio con martello durante restauro dei mosaici

The restoration work is carried out in full respect of the original, by doing extensive research on the techniques of the time and the materials used in the original, in order to ensure an accurate intervention.

Expert mosaicists of the company are available to the customers, public and private, to carry out restoration work to mosaics of any type and size.

mani di una con mosaici
restauro dei mosaici in un pavimeto
restauro dei mosaici

Stained glass recovery interventions

You can contact the workshop in Bollate, in the province of Milan also to request repairs, restoration or maintenance for stained glass windows and decorative glass walls.

Experience and extensive knowledge of ancient and contemporary manufacturing techniques make Novamosaici the ideal partner for any type of intervention.

To learn more about the interventions or the techniques used, you can contact the company by phone or email.

vetrate artistiche
operaio mentre lavora su vetrate
lavorazione di vetrate con pennello
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