Artistic mosaic in Milan

Mosaic workshop in Milan

If in ancient times mosaics were made on walls and floors, this is no longer the case and mosaics are created in the workshop and then transported and set in the place of destination.

Novamosaici is a mosaic workshop in Bollate, in the province of Milan, with a great tradition behind it, where works of various kinds are created: from artistic mosaics to stained glass windows.

The production procedure of a mosaic starts with a sketch of the work, enlarged life-size on cardboard. The outline of the design is punctured to be transferred by dusting on the final mosaic support or by tracing technique using carbon paper. The drawn parts are covered with a layer of mortar, on which the tesserae are then are applied by pressure.

To create one square metre of artistic mosaic it takes 10,000 to 20,000 tesserae, broken and set one by one. A mosaic remains unchanged over time, it will not deteriorate and does not lose colour.

mosaico con rappresentazione di una donna
lavorazione mosaico in un bancone
mosaico occhio di una donna

Creating works of art with stones

Fernand Léger

Accumulating and setting fragments of stone and coloured glass, following an inventive idea means creating a mosaic, a kind of painting made with solid material. Mosaic artwork requires that tesserae are stuck next to each other, with great visual and chromatic effect.
Novamosaici has been engaged since 1955 in the field of:

All works are created collaborating with the most loved and renown contemporary artists, both Italian and foreign.

Mosaic processing steps

Fasi di lavorazioni mosaico
Fasi di lavorazioni mosaico

In 60 years of activity, Novamosaici has become part of the history of Contemporary Mosaic Art, developing a material language of the highest level, often unprecedented, able to propose innovations characterised by an important technical and artistic support.

The art path is permeated by an evolving language; artistic mosaics and stained glass windows are expressive forms of great charm, able to fascinate in many ways. The works may be located both inside and outside of architectural and urban spaces, then through the materials, colours and light, you obtain vibrating surfaces, works of art with a great emotional impact. Novamosaici, with its mosaic and stained glass Masters, now in their second generation, is the witness and reconfirmed author of a long string of artistic successes thanks to the ability to evolve through experimentation with new techniques, mixing traditional and innovative materials. So technique, combined with the great sensitivity that distinguishes them, has meant that great artists and architects chose them as the right interpreters of their works.

Fasi di lavorazioni mosaico-Padre Franceso Radaelli - altare

This path has fascinated not only Italy but also other important European and International countries. Research and experimentation have allowed also to interact in other important areas, such as design; with the use of stained glass and mosaics we have enriched leading spa facilities, banks, company offices, public institutions, street furniture and fountains. In our hands the material becomes a means of expression, colour and light interact, creating great visual effects, creations range from small to large areas.

In the Novamosaici workshop there is a particular atmosphere surrounding the fundamental components: love and passion for work, attention to detail and craftsmanship allow to appreciate every single part that becomes a composition.

Mosaics with religious and decorative themes

mosaici a tema religioso
mosaici a tema decorativo

Over time, Novamosaici developed systems and personal working techniques, today the heritage of the second generation, without forgetting the workshop secrets, among which, for example, the processing of the tesserae, the search for new combinations and new backgrounds through which light creates chromatic vibrations.

The mosaics with decorative or religious theme are distinguished by the exceptional representation ability and the perfect technical mastery in the combined use of tesserae and inlays of various materials, such as marble, ceramic, coloured vitreous enamels and metals.

The mosaic virtuosity of the Toniutti brothers is now an excellence and is the result of hard work and refining effort, improved in more than half a century of work and study in contact with many different personalities of art and architecture.
List of major artists with whom we have worked during our 60-year history:

Fernando Bordoni Scuola Materna Lugano
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