Decorations from drawings

Novamosaici of the Toniutti Brothers, is located just outside Milan, in Bollate, in a large workshop, where you can find both mosaics ready for delivery and many ideas and proposals to create mosaics that meet the most varied demands, thanks to many different manufacturing techniques.
The mosaics are made with vitreous enamels, marble, ceramics, etc.
Moreover, Novamosaici is also specialised in the creation of decorative mosaics in many different styles: floral, geometric and figurative.
Both mosaics and stained glass have found wide application in the home context.
Mosaic application fields include floors and coverings, decorative panels, balconies, terraces and swimming pools, and also the creation of mirrors, tables, vases, sculptures, and other pieces of furniture.
Regarding stained glass, the company has created whole or partial partition walls, doors and false ceilings that with the aid of light, whether natural or artificial, are able to create decorative elements of great beauty.
A range of 2500 colours is employed for the creation of mosaics, whilst for stained glass the colours available are approximately 480.
The company can meet different needs in a short time, and is able to deal both with complex issues and with simple interventions, ensuring an original product with high technical and aesthetic quality.
Creation techniques and installation are carried out directly by Novamosaici's skilled operators and installers.
The company, therefore, provides the work as a complete cycle: sketch, creation and laying.

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