Great artistic stained glass windows in Milan

For more than sixty years, Novamosaici in Milan has created artistic stained glass windows for public and private bodies, religious but not only, throughout Italy and abroad. The works of Novamosaici can be of a religious or decorative character, but in both cases they are characterized by extreme care and attention to the least detail. The artistic stained glass of our laboratory in Milan is craftsmanship combining the craftsmanship of tradition with the modern techniques of the industry.

Our stained glass

The artistic stained glass windows created by Novamosaici in Milan are of different typologies.

We make stained glass in Dalles, a technique invented by French glassmaker Jean Gaudin, which allows the light to filter through the glass and uses cement to enhance the Dalles. The technique at Dalles allows the creation of large, luminous walls. For our artistic stained glass we do not use resins, but specialty cements in 480 colors, such a wide range to supply the industry internationally.

We then deal with traditional glass art glass stained glass with 4 mm thick glass.

Finally, in our laboratory in Milan, we have invented a new technique called Sewille, which is glued to an anti-scratch glass top and placed in a glass chamber. The result is a very similar glass window to Dalles, which can reach remarkable dimensions.

All our windows are characterized by an exceptional attention to detail, from the wise use of new and traditional techniques and from constant upstream research to always get innovative solutions that can withstand over time.

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